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Bomb Shot Glasses

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From £5.99
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In need of a drink that's a bit original? Keep up with the latest craze, with the emergence of the new energy drink shots! A twist on the traditional chaser, these Bomb Shotz combine both shot and soft drink that will keep you buzzing all night!
SALE £3.99
Set of 4
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Ideal for Jager Bombs and other layered shots, the Quaffer Shot is a sure fire hit for your next party! Gather together your drinks and create some crazy chasers! Simply pour any chaser in the bottom and any spirit or liquer on the top, and liquids will s
From £9.99
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Discover a unique drinking experience with the two chamber Reusable Bomber Cup. With Jager Bomb shots becoming ever more popular, the Bomber Cup offers a safer and more durable alternative to placing a shot glass in a glass.
From £11.99
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With the popularity of Jagerbombs booming, the Glass Bomb Shots are the ultimate party cup! Featuring a built-in shot glass inner chamber.
From £7.99
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Be part of the latest drinking trend with the Elite Bomb Shots! This all-in-one Jagerbomb cup offers a convenient way to serve 25ml of spirits with a 100ml chaser together in one glass. These durable, stackable, polycarbonate bomber cups are CE marked, pe
From £7.50
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Fed up with tequila slammers? Bored of vodka? Why not liven things up with the Bomb Shotz, a plastic shot glass that combines a shot with a chaser. The perfect alternative to using a shot glass inside another glass, the Bomb Shotz offer a unique way of dr
From £5.49
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Join in the latest drinking craze with these Bomb Shots! A great alternative to a plastic shot glass in a glass, these keep the shot and chaser separate until you're ready to drink. They are ideal for serving up bomb shots.
Start the night with a bang with the Bomb Shot Glassware Set, the perfect way to enjoy a liqueur and chaser with friends. You could set up your own Jager-train or Jager-ring, or simply drop your shot into your chaser. Great for serving Jagerbombs, Monster
From £19.99
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The Quaffer Shot Glasses offer effortless layering; these double bubble bomb shot glass keep the liquids separated until you are ready to down in one.
SALE £59.99
With space for 8 bomb shots, the Quaffer Shot Paddle with 12 Quaffer Shot Glasses is the ultimate party drinks service. Each bomb shot paddle is finished in a vibrant UV reactive orange, ideal for parties, clubs and bars. This ingenious way to carry and
From £6.99
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The biggest craze to hit parties and bars in years, these Bomb Shotz are ideal for serving up some unique bomb shots. These disposable plastic cups are a safer alternative to dropping a shot glass in a pint and allow you to serve up the perfect balance of
From £11.99
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Specially designed for serving bomb shots, the Bomber Cups feature an innovative design that's ideal for your party or bar. Made from durable and reusable acrylic plastic, these two-chamber cups are an ideal alternative to dropping a shot glass in a tumbl

Bomb Shot Glasses

The latest craze in the bar world, bomb shots are the perfect way to enjoy a liqueur and chaser in one. These two chamber shot cups, also known as bomb shots, bomb shotz and bomber cups are available as disposable bomb shots or reusable bomb shots and come as clear bomb shots and colour bomb shots. Our range of bomb glasses and bomber shots are available with fast UK delivery on our next day UK delivery service. So kick off your party with jagerbomb shots, monster bomb shots or skittle bomb shots!