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CE Mark Glasses

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Suitable for use in licenced establishments or at home, the Ballon Wine Glasses are lined and CE marked for a perfectly poured legal measure. Suitable for both red and white wines, these classic glasses are ideal for dinner parties and serving drinks at the bar. More info
On Sale $25.15 RRP $28.50 | Save 12% Pack of 12 More options
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The Biopac Biodegradable Spirit Tumblers provide the perfect eco-friendly alternative to plastic disposable cups. Made from PLA which is derived from corn starch, these tumblers are fully compostable so they won't fill up landfill sites. More info
On Sale $10.05 RRP $11.73 | Save 14% Pack of 100 More options
In stock
Whether you're serving guests behind your bar or at the dinner table, the Princesa Wine Glass caters for all occasions. This elegant looking glass is extremely durable thanks to Arcoroc's fully tempered treatment. More info
On Sale $41.92 RRP $65.41 | Save 36% Pack of 12 More options
In stock
Bring a touch of European style to your pint with the Munique Stemmed Beer Glass. The elegant stemmed design of this pint glass makes it ideal for a variety of beverages including beer, lager, cider or even water. CE marked at a pint, this glass is suitable for use in licenced establishments. More info
On Sale $38.57 RRP $41.92 | Save 8%
In stock
For an impeccable drinks service, the Granity Beverage Tumblers are lined and CE marked at half a pint, and have gone through Arcoroc's tempering process for a more durable drinking glass. Ideal for serving beverages in licenced pubs and bars, these heavyweight hiball tumblers are ideal for everyday use. More info
On Sale $33.53 RRP $41.92 | Save 20% Case of 48 More options
In stock
Perfect for wine by the glass service, the small Duralex Wine Carafe is lined and government stamped at 125ml, 175ml and 250ml. Great as an accompaniment to any meal, this peanut carafe could also be used to serve water or cocktails. More info
On Sale $8.37 RRP $11.73 | Save 29% Single More options
In stock
If you consider yourself a true beer connoisseur, then you will understand the importance of your pint glass. The tall and elegant Tokyo Pint Glass is the ideal companion to an evening of refined beer drinking with your chums. More info
On Sale $45.28 RRP $50.31 | Save 10%
In stock
Perfect for your favourite tipple, the Eden Grandi Vini Glasses have a wide tapered bowl for enjoying a variety of both red and white wines. Manufactured from Luigi Bormioli's Sparkx crystal glass, these 37cl glasses are lined and CE marked at 3 measures for wine by the glass service. More info
On Sale $38.57 RRP $55.34 | Save 30% Case of 24 More options
In stock
Manufactured from DuraTuff glass to offer a sturdy and durable design, the Inverness Hiball Tumblers are suitable for home use or commercial use. CE marked at half a pint to the brim, these glasses are perfect for serving your favourite beer, lager or cider. More info
On Sale $38.57 RRP $41.92 | Save 8%
In stock
The Princesa Champagne Flute lives up to its regal name by providing an effortlessly elegant champagne service that raises the aesthetic of any table setting. Whether you're hosting a celebratory dinner party, or kitting out your home bar, the Princesa range represents a classically hard-wearing glass that is ideal for all situations. More info
On Sale $50.31 RRP $53.67 | Save 6% Pack of 12 More options
In stock
Don't let your beer go flat just because you're busy flipping burgers. The Elite Polycarbonate Tulip Half Pint Tumbler has a nucleated base, keeping the head on your beer for longer. Made from reusable, durable plastic you can use it practically anywhere; ideal for BBQs, parties, busy bars and events. More info
On Sale $6.69 RRP $10.05 | Save 33% Pack of 48 More options
In stock
The Disposable Smoothie Tumblers are the perfect way to enjoy a refreshing cold drink. The dome lid features a wide straw hole, perfect for jumbo straws or spoon straws. Ideal for enjoying smoothies, juices, milkshakes, slushies and other cold drinks. More info
On Sale $25.15 RRP $28.50 | Save 12% Case of 500 More options
In stock
If you're after a glass that's as versatile as your drinks cabinet, the Elegance Hiball Tumblers might just be the perfect solution. Ideal for serving up refreshing soft drinks, snazzy cocktails or a chilled lager, they are LCE at half a pint to ensure you're serving up the correct amount. More info
On Sale $67.09 RRP $75.47 | Save 11%
In stock
The annealed glass Premier Half Pint Glasses are CE marked at 10oz to the brim for an everyday draught beer service. The classic conical shape of these standard pub glasses gives them an all-purpose design that is suited to serving beer, soft-drinks, cocktail and mixers. More info
On Sale From $7.53 RRP From $10.05 | Save 25% Case of 48 More options
In stock
The Willi Becher Half Pint Glasses offer a stylish shape, ideal for serving up your favourite beer. Great for your home or bar, these glasses are government stamped at half a pint to allow extra room for that all important head. More info
On Sale $13.40 RRP $16.76 | Save 20%
In stock
The Elite Premium Polycarbonate Wine Glasses offer a safe alternative to breakable glassware. More environmentally friendly than some disposable glasses, they can be washed and reused before being recycled at the end of their life. Lined and CE marked at 125ml. More info
On Sale $33.53 RRP $45.28 | Save 26%
In stock
The versatile Amelia Wine Goblet is perfect for serving up red and white wines or even a glass of water. Ideal for completing your dinner table setting, these short stemmed glasses offer a highly resistant fully tempered design that's stackable for convenience. More info
On Sale $62.05 RRP $73.80 | Save 16% Pack of 12 More options
In stock
This pack of 6 colourful translucent shot tumblers ensures a bold and exciting display, no matter what drink you're serving! What's more, these plastic shots glow under UV light, meaning they will mesmerise anyone, whether they've already had a shot or not! More info
On Sale $2.50 RRP $5.02 | Save 50% Case of 24 More options
In stock
With more people aware of how much they're drinking, it helps to know exactly how much you're consuming. The Elisa Wine Glasses are LCE marked at 175ml, helping you pour a precise amount to ensure you don't go overboard. More info
On Sale $48.63 RRP $62.05 | Save 22% Pack of 12 More options
In stock
Ideal for use in restaurants, and pubs, the Teardrop Tear Wine Glasses are CE stamped and lined at 250ml, perfect for a legal measure. With a robust quality, these wine glasses are ideal for everyday use as they can withstand a few knocks and bumps. More info
On Sale $124.12 RRP $167.74 | Save 26%
In stock
Styled in the classic conical tumbler shape, the Clarity Reusable Half Pint Tumblers are great for use at events and outdoor parties. No need to worry about breakages, these polystyrene plastic tumblers can be dropped without fear of smashing! More info
On Sale $3.34 RRP $5.02 | Save 33% Pack of 5 More options
In stock
Perfect for serving up a large glass of your favourite red, white or rose, the classic design of the Princesa Wine Glass makes it ideal for everyday use. Fully tempered for a durable finish, the Princesa offers high shock resistance and adds safety by shattering into blunt fragments if broken. More info
On Sale $62.05 RRP $75.47 | Save 18% Pack of 12 More options
In stock
The Alternato Wine Glasses have been specially designed for bar service, offering a practical and durable design for drinking at the bar. These 41cl glasses feature a unique single bubble in the solid glass base and the short stem makes them suitable storing alternately in rows to save space. More info
On Sale $41.92 RRP $55.34 | Save 24%
In stock
When you're hosting a party in your own home, one of the main worries is breakages. The simple answer are these light-weight, flexi-glass disposables! More info
On Sale $6.53 RRP $8.37 | Save 22% Pack of 50 More options
In stock
While these Geo Hiball Pint Glasses may look like they're supposed to sit alongside your range of collins hiballs, they offer up a different take on the standard tulip shaped pint glass. These contemporary pint glasses feature a tall, straight-edged design, looking great in modern bars or at home. More info
On Sale $16.59 RRP $21.79 | Save 24% Case of 24 More options
In stock
There's no need to head down your local boozer for a freshly poured pint of Heineken, you can enjoy a taste of the popular Dutch lager in the comfort of your own home. The Heineken Pint Glass comes in an elegant tall tulip shape, with the official Heineken logo printed on the front and embossed on reverse, and a thick base for stability. More info
On Sale $20.11 RRP $25.15 | Save 20% Case of 24 More options
In stock
The joy of a nucleated glass is that it keeps the bubbles flowing in your beer. Now with the Premier Half Pint Glass, you can customise the nucleation to remind all drinkers who is providing their perfect pint! The classic conical shape of this CE marked glass also lends itself perfectly to soft drinks. More info
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The Sensation Exalt Wine Glass has an elegant and delicate design that has been reinforced with Arcoroc's Kwarx technology. This means you can still take advantage of the extra fine rim, safe in the knowledge that this highly resistant glass won't easily shatter. More info
On Sale $36.89 RRP $41.92 | Save 12% Pack of 6 More options
In stock

CE Mark Glasses

Our range of cheap CE mark glasses and cheap LCE mark glasses are suitable for use in licensed establishments, such as bars, pubs, restaurants, hotels and cafes. CE marking is a mandatory conformance mark to ensure the product has met EU health, safety and environmental requirements. The letters 'CE' doesn't stand for anything and are used on glassware to ensure it holds an accurate legal measure, whether it's for beer, wine or spirits.

Glasses that carry the CE mark hold a legal measure to the brim, often seen on pint glasses, half pint glasses, 1/3 pint glasses, 2/3 pint glasses (schooner glasses) and shot glasses. LCE stands for lined and CE marked, which means the legal measure is accurate to the line, often seen on wine glasses and beer glasses.

Previously known as government stamped glassware (GS glassware) or crown stamped glassware, CE stamped glassware must be used in licensed establishments when serving certain alcoholic drinks. For beer, lager, ale, cider and similar beverages, the UK government currently offer a CE pint measure, CE half pint measure, CE one third of a pint measure and a CE two thirds of a pint measure. Wine served by the glass should be a 125ml wine measure, 175ml wine measure or 250ml wine measure and a 50ml measure or 70ml measure for fortified wines. We offer professional quality CE glassware delivered direct to your door, with an optional next day UK delivery service.

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