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Flute Beer Glasses

With many of the same properties as tulip beer glasses, a champagne flute can be used as an alternative to stemmed beer glasses. Made famous by DeuS bière de champagne, a flute beer glass features a tall bowl that narrows towards the rim to help concentrate volatiles towards the nose. Bière de champagne will often have a high ABV, making a small volume champagne flute ideal for sipping your beverage.
We've collected together some examples of champagne glasses for beer, however if you want a unique beer service then why not browse our full champagne glasses range.

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With a tall, sleek design, the Vertige Stemmed Beer Glasses offer a more sophisticated way to enjoy your favourite beer, lager or cider. At 35cl these glasses are the ideal size for serving up a bottle of beer and are suitable for both commercial and dome More info
On Sale £14.99 RRP £18.99 | Save 21% Pack of 6 More options
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The Mineral Champagne Flutes are made from tempered glass to ensure they have a premium aesthetic finish and greater longevity when compared to other champagne glasses. The Effervescence Plus technology in the flutes helps to delicately release the bubble More info
On Sale £18.99 RRP £19.99 | Save 5% Pack of 6 More options
In stock
Dartington's Three Cheers for Beers Gift Set has been lovingly handmade and gift boxed to present to a beer lover who has taste buds honed to appreciate craft beer. This craft beer glass set includes 3 different types of beer glass to get the most out of More info
On Sale £17.99 RRP £24.99 | Save 28%
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Stunning in design and shape, the Cabernet Champagne Flute has a crisp contemporary feel perfect for entertaining. Just fill it up with some bubbly and let the celebrations begin! More info
On Sale £14.99 RRP £16.99 | Save 12% Pack of 6 More options
In stock
This gift box of four elegant champagne flutes is certainly a good start to the celebrations for that special occasion. All you need now is the fizz! More info
On Sale £16.99 RRP £19.99 | Save 15% Pack of 6 More options
In stock
The Atelier Prestige Champagne Flute offers an elegant and stylish way to drink champagne; the slender tulip shape helps to concentrate the bubbles to the tip of the tongue. Each glass is made from high quality Son.hyx crystal glass for a shock resistant, More info
On Sale £26.99 RRP £29.99 | Save 10% Pack of 6 More options
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Styled after the Timmerman's flute glass, the Milano Lambic Beer Glasses offer the perfect home for appreciating lambics, kriek, gueuze and other fruit beers. The tall fluted shape promotes the colour and carbonation of the beer for an all round better be More info
On Sale £34.99 RRP £39.99 | Save 13% Pack of 6 More options
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The Atelier Champagne Flutes have a delicate, elegant design which features an angular bowl. Each glass has SON.hyx technology for a toughened finish with shock resistance. Designed to concentrate the flavours and slowly release bubbles, this champagne gl More info
On Sale £34.99 RRP £39.99 | Save 13% Pack of 6 More options
In stock
Enjoy a celebratory drink with the Sensation Exalt Champagne Flute, specially designed with a fine rim for optimum tasting pleasure. The Sensation also features effervescence plus which will keep your bubbles flowing throughout the evening for a fresh tas More info
On Sale £64.99 RRP £74.99 | Save 13%
In stock
With a name like Royal, you wouldn't expect anything less than perfection, and these elegant champagne flutes certainly live up to their title! The royal design of the Royal Flutes makes them ideal for use in any celebration that calls for a spot of bubbl More info
On Sale £26.99 RRP £29.99 | Save 10% Pack of 6 More options
In stock
Perfect for any occasion, the elegant Princesa Champagne Flute leaves you with one less thing to worry about when hosting your next big celebration, party or event. This tempered glass offers up to 5 times more resistance than untreated glass and will bre More info
In stock
The Malea Champagne Flutes are part of Arcoroc's finest range and are made from their cutting edge Effervescence Plus technology. This fine glassware allows the flute to have a premium finish and a high level of durability. More info
On Sale £13.99 RRP £23.99 | Save 42% Pack of 6 More options
Out of stock | Due in TBA
The opaque black stem of the Domino range adds a sense of strength to the delicate build of these classic champagne flutes. Fitting perfectly with any table-service, the striking appearance of these champagne glasses is sure to please any dinner party gue More info
On Sale £36.99 RRP £41.99 | Save 12%
Out of stock | Est due in 27th November
Whether you're kicking your feet back at home or playing host to a party, these Touraine Champagne Flutes are an ideal accompaniment. These flutes feature a tall bowl and a short, decorative stem which reflects light beautifully. More info
On Sale £13.99 RRP £15.99 | Save 13% Pack of 6 More options
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Flute Beer Glasses

Starting with standard stemmed beer glasses and stemmed pilsner glasses, some Belgian beer brands promote the use of stemmed flutes to serve their beers and ales. The famous Belgian Deus Beer Flute is similar to a standard champagne flute with a tall stem and a narrow bowl which helps to promote carbonation and direct aromas toward the drinker. The famous Black Velvet cocktail is often served in a flute, making these glasses great as beer cocktail glasses.

Using champagne flutes for beer is a great way to replicate the flute beer glass shape, and our range of cheap champagne flutes offers a great starting point for using as lambic beer glasses and gueuze beer glasses and fruit beer glasses. Stemmed flute beer glasses make perfect effervescent beer glasses for accentuating different styles of ale and beer, and the smaller volume also makes them great for use as beer tasting glasses.