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Sherry & Port Glasses

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Incredibly versatile, these Vintage Spirit Glasses are ideal for serving a wide variety of aperitif, digestif and after dinner spirits.
The Imperial Plus Sherry Glasses are perfect for serving and presenting Sherry, Madeira or dessert wine! Ideal for enjoying your sherries in the evening.
From £9.99
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Serve up a stylish dram of sherry with the 12cl Perception Sherry Glasses. Made from heavyweight glass for everyday use, these stemmed drinking vessels are covered by Libbey's Safedge Rim & Foot guarantee which covers chips cracks and damage.
SALE £9.99
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To help you fully experience and appreciate the flavours of your favourite liqueur, the 75ml Brandy Pipe from bar@drinkstuff is perfect.
From £12.99
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To help you appreciate the tastes of port and sherry, the Viticole range of glassware offers a small 4oz piece of stemware. With a tall bowl, the Viticole Sherry Glasses allow you to swirl your chosen tipple to help release the aromas and flavours within.
From £18.99
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Savour port and sherry with the finest glass on the market. Arcoroc's Cabernet range lends itself perfectly to this small tasting glass. Made from Kwarx Advanced Material, this stemmed glass boasts extra strength and clarity for a professional finish.
From £17.99
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The timeless stemmed design of Arcoroc's Savoie range of glassware lends itself perfectly to the world of liqueurs. and fortified wines.
From £23.99
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New to the Atelier range, the Prestige Elegante Mini Flute is the perfect way to serve sherry, port and liqueurs. The sophisticated trumpet design is not only stylish but amplifies the taste and flavours as they make their way to your palate.
From £16.99
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There's no need to restrict yourself to port with this elegant Cabernet glass, its shape also makes it ideal for smaller servings of wine or sherry. Ideal for pouring yourself a quiet after dinner drink, these professional quality glasses are also suitabl
From £16.99
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The Michelangelo Sherry Glasses are the ideal way to enjoy a drop of your favourite liqueur. Whether you prefer a sherry or port, these elegant pieces of stemware provide a perfect drinking vessel. Made from lead-free crystal glass, these sophisticated gl
From £16.99
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The Brio Champagne Flutes are a premium glass from Arcoroc's tableware collection. Each glass is designed to use cutting edge Sheer Rim Technology.
The Royal Leerdam Bouquet Port Glasses are the elegant way to taste fortified wines such as port or sherry. The shapely design offers true sophistication.
From £6.99
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Set of two Port Sippers from bar@drinkstuff that allow you to enjoy the full flavour of Port. A great addition to your glassware.
With a small tulip shaped bowl and long, fine stem, these Bar and Table Sweet Wine Glasses are perfect for a unique drinks presentation.
From £13.99
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These Paris Ballon Sherry Glasses are incredibly versatile and are perfect for also serving port, liqueurs and other fortified wines.
From £19.99
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The finest sherry should only be drunk with the finest glassware, making the Elegance Sherry Glasses an ideal choice.
SALE £74.99
The finest sherry should only be drunk with the finest glassware, making the Elegance Sherry Glasses an ideal choice.
To help you on the way to becoming a port connoisseur, the luxury Port Decanter Set is the perfect kit to enjoy the sweet taste of the fortified wine with some friends and savour the flavours. The set consists of a fine glass decanter with 4 branches, ea
From £32.99
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Made from Kwarx Advanced Glass, these Open Up Ambient Spirits Glasses from Chef & Sommelier are the perfect way to enjoy aperitif and digestif spirits.
From £24.99
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These Vigne Sherry Glasses feature a traditional design and are the perfect size for a drop of port and other after dinner drinks.
SALE £14.99
Pack of 2
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Designed to enjoy a glass of port from the bottom up, avoiding oxidisation, these giant wine sippers hold a generous 300ml.

Sherry & Port Glasses

Fortified wines are commonly served in small amounts and therefore sherry glasses tend to have a smaller volume than a standard wine glass. With their small capacity, sherry glasses are also ideal for use as a port glass, liqueur glass and aperitif glass.

Sherry glasses and port glasses make a unique gift idea as our range includes port sippers, designer sherry glasses and designer port glasses. For a professional finish, our range includes toughened sherry glasses and toughened port glasses that are suitable for use in commercial environments.