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Established in 1977
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Wine Racks

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From £39.99
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The perfect gift idea for any wine lover, this Wall Mounted 6 Bottle Wine Rack is made from beech wood and can hold 6 bottles of wine.
Stunning in design, this practical wall mounted wine and glass rack made from acacia wood could be the solution to all your storage problems.
With a traditional design, the Wooden Wine Rack is the perfect wine bottle storage. Ideal as a stylish addition to your home bar, dining room or kitchen.
With a stylish brushed steel finish, the Wine Bar Wine Rack is at the height of contemporary bottle storage. The wall-mounted feature offers a space saving alternative to bulky constructions, it also provides a unique way to store your wine. This quirky h
SALE £11.99
Turn your stockpile of wine into a work of modern art with the Rotatable 9 Bottle Wine Rack from bar@drinkstuff. This contemporary rack is ingeniously design to hold nine bottles of wine while being compact making it ideal for placement on your bar top, k
From £12.99
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Whether you love to throw a party or just enjoy a glass with your evening meal, this Traditional Wooden Wine Rack comes in a size to suit your lifestyle. You can maximise your storage space and still have easy access to your bottles.
The Connecting Kit allows you to connect two wine racks together, securely and safely. Ideal for at home or wine cellars, this connecting kit is compatible with the Traditional Wooden Wine Racks and Custom Wine Racks.
Stylish, classic and practical, the Premier Oval 6 Bottle Chrome Wine Rack is a staple for home bars, kitchens and dining rooms. With its simple, contemporary design it can fit in with almost any décor and will look timeless for years to come. Each rack i
From £14.99
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Designed with space-saving in mind the Bar Craft Stackable Copper Wine Rack is ideal for being displayed on counters or under cupboards.
The Scallop Wine Rack is made from solid pine wood with a light oak stain, offering a traditional look to match your interior. A great choice for wine bars, restaurants or at home, this 6 bottle rack clearly displays wine labels for a quick selection.
The stylish Scallop Wine Rack with a Weathered Oak stain finish offers an excellent way to display a variety of standard size wine bottles. Suitable for use in homes, wine cellars or bars, the scalloped shelving lets you clearly display wine labels for a
If you find yourself running out of space for your ever expanding wine collection, the Sunnex Roma Stackable Wine Rack provides the ideal solution. Ideal for your home, each rack holds four bottles and the expandable system means more racks may be simply
The stylish and practical Legnoart Enoteca Wine Rack with a natural ash wood finish is perfect for any contemporary home. The elegant shape makes it a great addition to any kitchen or dining room, allowing you to store and display 10 bottles of wine.
Finished in a rustic black ash stain, the Scallop Wine Rack from the Traditional Wine Rack Co is ideal for fitting in with both traditional and contemporary homes and bars. Holding 6 bottles, this scallop racking lets you clearly display bottle labels for
Display your wine collection with the Scallop Wine Rack from the Traditional Wine Rack Co. Made from solid pine wood with a natural finish, this racking allows you to clearly see wine bottle labels, making it an ideal choice for integrating into domestic
The 6 bottle Scallop Wine Rack with dark oak stain is perfect for displaying a small selection of wine bottles in your home or bar. A great alternative to the traditional rack, these scalloped shelves let you clearly display bottle labels for a quick sele
Offering a clear display of 12 standard wine bottles, the Scallop Wine Rack from the Traditional Wine Rack Co is an ideal choice for displaying a selection of wines. Ideal for placement in your home, bar or restaurant, this solid wood rack in a light oak
Holding 12 standard size wine bottles, the Scallop Wine Rack is perfect for displaying your collection of wine. Ideal for placement in your home or bar, the scalloped shelves clearly show off wine labels for a quick selection, while the weathered oak stai
The Wine Cellar Cube offers a practical and attractive way to store bottles of wine. Accommodating up to 24 wine bottles, this wooden wine cube features cross members allowing for easy access to bottles, while saving on space.
The beautifully crafted Wine Cellar Cube has been built to hold 24 bottles of your favourite tipple, providing a simple and effective solution to wine storage. With their square shape, multiple Wine Cellar Cubes can be easily stacked allowing for large am
The Wine Cellar Cube features an attractive dark oak finish, offering a stylish addition to your home or bar. Constructed from high grade pine, this cube features cross members to allow for easy storage with 6 bottles resting in each compartment.
A simple and practical way to store your wine, the Wine Cellar Cube helps you conserve space in your home or bar. Constructed from pine, with an attractive black ash finish, this wine cube features cross members so each compartment can hold 6 bottles of w
Inspired by French country style, the Provence 12 Bottle Wine Rack is perfect for bringing some rustic charm to your home. This wire wine rack houses 12 standard wine bottles, perfect for displaying your wine selection.
Offering both storage and display, the Scallop Wine Rack from the Traditional Wine Rack Co is ideal for placement in your home, or a restaurant or bar. This solid pine wood rack is finished with a black ash stain, and the scallop shelf design clearly show
SALE £89.95
The Antique White Wine Rack brings a vintage touch to your wine collection, perfect for any keen collector. Ideal for placement in your kitchen, dining room, cellar or bar, this steel rack with wooden top holds 24 wine bottles and also has racks for holdi
The Scallop Wine Rack is an ideal way to display wine bottles in your home or bar. Holding 12 standard size bottles, these wine shelves let you clearly show the label of the bottles for quick access to your wine collection.
The traditional style Scallop Wine Rack is finished with a dark oak stain, perfect for creating a classic look at home or in your bar. Holding 12 bottles, this solid pine wood rack features scalloped shelves, which clearly displays bottle labels for a qui
From £1.49
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Whether you need something in your dining room, or you need to kit out your new wine cellar, simply order a custom sized wine rack with exactly the right amount of storage you need! Choose from 5 different wood stain colours to best suit your needs!
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What is a Wine Rack?

A wine rack is a storage unit designed to hold wine bottles. Wine racks are available in a variety of different materials and shapes, depending on the user's preference and needs. A standard wine rack will be large enough to hold 6 or more bottles, and commonly have holes or slots to fit each bottle.
Wine bottle racks are designed to hold standard 75cl wine bottles, so the holes generally need to be no larger than 110mm to accommodate these.

Bespoke Wine Racks:

Bespoke Wine Cellar Racking
Bespoke Wine Cellar Racking
While most wine racks are available pre-built to a domestic market, custom made racking is commonly employed by wine makers, bars, restaurants, and private wine collectors. Bespoke wine racks are offered for unique spaces where a large number of bottles needs to be stored. Custom racks will often be plainly decorated as they are simply used with the intention of storage, perhaps for ageing a wine.
Collectors will often use custom built racking for a wine cellar. The advantage of storing wine bottles in a wine cellar is the reduced risk of changing temperatures and humidities found in other rooms which could affect the delicate tastes and aromas of wine.
Example of a domestic wine rack
Domestic Wine Rack Example

Domestic Wine Racks:

Domestic wine racks will usually hold around 6 bottles (though this can vary widely), and can come in almost any shape and size. Because domestic users will normally consume wine relatively quickly, there is less need to worry about the storage conditions of the bottles. Wine racks will often be placed in the dining room or kitchen, making them ideal for easy access when hosting a dinner party.
Wine racks are available in table-top, wall-mounted, and free standing varieties, further increasing the appeal to the preference of the end user. Wine racks are often bought as a piece of home decor as well as a functional item.

Wine Racks

With a wide choice of wine bottle racks including commercial wine racks and domestic wine racks, you’ll find the right wine storage solution for you. If you own a wine bar, restaurant, pub or wine cellar we offer a range of bespoke wine racks and custom made wine racks to suit your needs.

Our range of home wine racks are ideal for wine bottle storage and champagne bottle storage. We offer a variety of different styles including wooden wine racks, stainless steel wine racks, chrome wine racks and plastic wine racks. From designer wine racks to custom wine racks, we offer a fast UK delivery service.