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Glossary of Terms


Glossary of Terms

A drinking straw is a short, slim tube used to consume beverages by the use of suction, usually made from plastic. The diameter of the straw is known as the bore. There are many different varieties of straws, including disposable straws and reusable straws.

Popular Straw Types include,
Straight Straw - a basic straw which is straight for the full length.
Bendy Straw - a bendable straw which features a concertina type hinge near the top.
Collins Straw - a slim, straight straw which takes its name from the Tom Collins cocktail.
Jumbo or Super Jumbo Straw - a straight straw with a wider bore for consuming thicker beverages such as smoothies and milkshakes
Frappe Straw - a short, slim straw used with stemmed cocktail glasses such as a martini.
Memphis Straw - a short straw with a small bore for short tumbler glasses.
Alcopop Straw - an extra long straw designed for use with alcopop bottles, available either bendy or straight
Spoon Straw - a straight straw with a spoon shaped end designed for drinks such as slushies and smoothies
Crazy Straw - a rigid straw with a twisted shape
Decorative Straw - a straight or bendy straw which is topped with a decoration, such as a parasol

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