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Chef & Sommelier Glassware

The 100% expert brand is named after the men and women for whom it was designed.

A renowned and sophisticated brand name, modular collections, creative dinnerware collections to match wine tasting ranges, technical innovations in line with the highest standards of excellence.

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Cabernet Martini Glasses 10.6oz / 300ml

Cabernet Martini Glasses 10.6oz / 300ml

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RRP £63.36

SALE £49.50
Pack of 12

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Chef and Sommelier Products

Ever an innovative glassware manufacturer, Arc International's Chef & Sommelier glassware collection has been designed with tasting in mind. The Chef & Sommelier range collates and improves upon Arc's finer range of glassware to bring you a selection of tasting glasses under one name, each with their own benefits.

Beginning with the Chef & Sommelier wine glasses, each range of glasses, including the Cabernet wine glasses, Open Up wine glasses, Oenologue wine glasses, Sensation wine glasses and Grands Cepage wine glasses, features their own unique design making them ideal for use as wine tasting glasses, and glasses for oenologists.

This range of glasses for wine tasting is suited as varietal wine glasses, with stemware for use as Cabernet Sauvignon wine glasses, Cabernet Franc wine glasses, Merlot wine glasses, Pinot Noir wine glasses, Syrah wine glasses, Zinfandel wine glasses, and even tasting glasses for wine that allow an all-round use, also suitable for use as everyday wine glasses.

As well as sommelier wine glasses, the Chef & Sommelier glasses provide a range of classic bar glasses that are designed with the same qualities as the Chef & Sommelier wine glasses to complement the range and to provide a selection of cocktail tasting glasses, liqueur tasting glasses and beer tasting glasses.