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Chilled Display Cabinets

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SALE £2,249.99
Specially designed for the catering industry, the Frilixa Celebrity Curved Glass Mobile Display Counter is trolley mounted for ease of movement. This makes it ideal for event catering, such as functions and festivals, or for use in food outlets, such as canteens and cafes.
SALE £2,539.99
The Infrico Vision Counter offers a practical and hygienic way of displaying food with sliding access doors on the service side. The efficient and automatic specification makes this counter ideal for placement in cafes, takeaways and shops.
SALE £3,449.99
Specially optimised for fresh fish display, the Infrico Malaga Fish Display has a low temperature range. The curved glass front and internal illumination offers a professional finish and clear display for your customers.
SALE £289.99
Serve your wine at the perfect temperature with the Blizzard Wine Cooler 105. With a capacity for 30 wine bottles, this cooler is ideal for use in bars and restaurants or in households that enjoy wine. This refrigeration unit has specially designed scallo
SALE £924.00
Suitable for use in commercial environments, the Blizzard Glass Front Freezer is ideal for front of house display in shops, cafes and canteens. From Blizzard's economy range, this freezer boasts a high ambient temperature and CFC-free polyurethane foam injected insulation for better energy saving.
SALE £1,569.99
Perfect for food and drink display, the Infrico Wall Display Counter is suitable for commercial establishments such as cafes, canteens and shops. This chilled cabinet features a mirrored interior and internal illumination for clear display.
SALE £1,649.99
Designed to keep food fresh and easily accessible, the Mondial Elite Jolly SL7 is constructed for use in self service cafes and shops. With an array of features, including an internal light, 4 tilting shelves and price holders, the SL7 not only presents a professional high quality feel to your establishment, but also guarantees quality refrigeration.
SALE £1,439.99
The Blizzard Shadow Over Counter Fridge offers a clear, well lit display to entice customers. Ideal for placement in shops, cafes and canteens, this cabinet is suitable for chilling a wide selection of food and drink. This display chiller also offers refrigerated under storage to maximise capacity.
SALE £789.99
The Vestfrost Display Fridge offers excellent presentation for food and drink with a clear glass door and internal illumination. Suitable for use in commercial establishments such as cafes, canteens and shops, this upright display cabinet offers a large capacity with 6 shelves.
SALE £899.99
This Mondial Elite Display Fridge is perfect for front of house refrigeration, giving consumers easy access and choice. Perfect for displaying food and drinks, the glass front allows browsing without the need to open the door.
SALE £2,219.99
The Mondial Elite Jolly Tired Display is designed to a professional standard. Ideal for situation in a wide range of locals, the SL14 offers internal lighting, 4 tilting shelves and price holders and a fresh white finish allowing it to fit with similar units seamlessly.
A perfect storage display house for refrigerated consumables, the SLIM110LXX Tiered Food Display offers an array of features which include 4 tilting shelves, a night blind fitted as standard, price holders and shelf edge stoppers. The Slim range also include adjustable feet for levelling and an internal light.
SALE £3,229.99
This Infrico Vision Counter lets you display a wide variety of food and beverages while providing an over the counter service. Ideal for commercial establishments such as takeaways, cafes, canteens and shops, this display cabinet has a clearly illuminated display with a front glass window and rear glass service doors.
SALE £1,449.99
The Frilixa Celebrity Flat Glass Mobile Display Counter lets you offer mobile food and drinks service, making it ideal for a variety of applications. Ideal for serving at festivals and outdoor events, this display cabinet is also suited for use in canteens and shops.
SALE £2,339.99
The Blizzard Shadow Over Counter Fridge offers a two tiered display for presenting a selection of food and drinks. Ideal for use in cafes, canteens and shops, this counter allows for easy service over the top. This chilled display offers extra capacity in the form of refrigerated under storage.
With the versatility to be utilised in a wide variety of different establishments, the Mondial Elite SLIM110L Tiered Display offers a fantastic array of features including 4 tilting shelves, a night blind fitted as standard, price holders and shelf edge stoppers.
SALE £549.99
The GDR40 features a clear glass door with a white and black exterior and food safe plastic interior. Ideal for use either as a front or back of house product display, it allows consumers quick and easy display. For use in pubs, cafes and shops.
SALE £2,339.99
Manufactured to a professional standard, the Mondial Elite SLX10 offers quality refrigeration for shops, self service cafes and a wide range of other establishments. Featuring a stainless steel construction, internal light, 4 tilted shelves and price holders for efficient display, the SLX10 is designed to store fresh food for consumption the same day.
SALE £2,975.99
The Infrico Malaga Fish Display features a sleek, curved glass front with an illuminated display area for clear presentation. Ideal for retail and food outlets, this display counter is manufactured from high quality stainless steel.
SALE £2,609.99
Perfect for retail outlets and food outlets, the Infrico Fish Display is perfectly suited to fish display or general purpose chilled display. It features a clear glass front with internal illumination and sliding doors to the rear for a hygienic design.
SALE £1,979.99
The perfect unit for many different types of establishment, the SLIM60LXX Tiered Display is designed to industry standards and is perfect for use in establishments like shops and self service cafes. This premium quality unit features 4 tilting shelves, a night blind, price holders and shelf edge stoppers.
SALE £1,749.99
Optimise your food and drink presentation with the Infrico Wall Display Counter which can be wall mounted at your preferred height to allow your customers easy access to contents.
SALE £3,999.99
The SD60/180 is the largest of Frost-Tech's slimline chilled display cabinets. Still only 600mm deep, this master-crafted display chiller is ideal for a wide range of applications from self-service cafes to high street grocers. With 12 months parts and la
SALE £707.99
The glass-fronted Vestfrost Display Fridge is perfect for the presentation of foodstuff and drinks, offering a large 306 litre capacity. Designed for commercial use in food outlets and shops, this fridge features automatic and efficient operation.
SALE £2,639.99
The Infrico Vision Counter offers a practical and stylish way to display food and beverages, with an insulating glass front window for a clear and hygienic display. The service side features solid rear hinged doors making it ideal for placement in cafes, takeaways and shops.
SALE £2,008.79
With a professional level of quality as you would expect from the Frost-Tech brand, the SD60/60 not only offers a 600mm depth for fitting in even the smallest of gaps, but also provides a large shelf space for easy display of chilled food and beverages.
SALE £3,156.00
The wide Blizzard Shadow Over Counter Fridge offers excellent display of food and beverages, ideal for use in commercial food outlets and shops. This chiller cabinet has rear service doors for a hygienic display and the refrigerated under storage offers extra cooling capacity.
SALE £1,819.99
Ideal for service on the move, the Frilixa Celebrity Curved Glass Mobile Display Counter is perfect for catering at festivals and events. The clear glass display with ambient shelf lets you present a wide selection of chilled food and beverages.
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Chilled Display Cabinets

A clear, well lit and organised display can help drive sales of your products, which is why our range of chilled display cabinets and chilled display counters are ideal for food and drink presentation. These commercial chilled display units offer a hygienic way to display foodstuff and beverages to conform to food safety standards.

We offer a complete range of chilled display cabinets so you can find a unit to suit your specifications for food and drink display. Our range of chilled display units include upright display fridges, upright display freezers, undercounter fridges, multideck display fridges and wall display cabinets.

For establishments with a more specialist specification we also provide a range of wine display coolers, chilled patisserie displays and frozen ice cream display. Our wide range of commercial display coolers also include serve over counter display fridges, mobile display counters and cold counter top display, which are ideal for placement in cafes, canteens, takeaways and shops.

With a wide choice of brands including Blizzard refrigeration, Gamko refrigeration, Infrico refrigeration, Vestfrost refrigeration and Mondial Elite refrigeration, all available with free UK delivery, you’ll find the right chilled display cabinet to suit your needs.