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Infrico Bottle Coolers

Infrico Bottle Coolers

Longevity, Premium Quality, Fast Pulldown

The leading Spanish refrigeration manufacturer, Infrico constantly push innovation in their bottle coolers, with new certifications constantly being added to their refrigeration ranges. For a premium quality build matched with the latest cooling technology, Infrico ensure they are ahead of the game.

  • Technological innovation
  • Fast pulldown
  • Wide range of certifications
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SALE £1,199.99
The Infrico Glass Door Glass Froster can be used to chill a variety of glassware, including wine, beer, cocktail and shot glasses. Your customers will be able to enjoy extra chilled drinks, perfect for bars and restaurants wanting to offer a complete bar
SALE £1,109.99
For a professional bar service the Infrico Solid Door Glass Froster will efficiently chill your glassware to offer your customers a nicely chilled beverage. Ideal for chilling beer, wine, cocktail and shot glasses, this glass froster is suitable for under
Designed for busy bars, this Infrico Undercounter Bottle Cooler helps optimise space by fitting undercounter. With a 144 bottle capacity, this bar fridge lets you display a range of products with a clearly illuminated display.
SALE £634.99
Offering a stylish and practical design, the Infrico ZXS1 Undercounter Bottle Cooler helps you to optimise space in your bar. Glass fronted with internal illumination, this cooler clearly shows the products on display.
SALE £748.99
This 218 bottle capacity Undercounter Bottle Cooler by Infrico has a glass fronted double door. Designed for commercial use in bars and restaurants, this cooler features heavy duty adjustable shelving and also an internal light.
SALE £799.99
Optimised for display purposes, this 218 bottle capacity Infrico ZXS2 Undercounter Bottle Cooler is ideal for busy commercial bars. The glass fronted hinged double doors offer easy access while the internal illumination gives a clear view of contents.
SALE £839.99
With sliding double doors, the Infrico ZX2-SL Undercounter Bottle Cooler is optimised for easy access to contents. Ideal for busy commercial bars, this Bottle Cooler has a 218 bottle capacity and is clearly illuminated for display purposes. The ZX2-SL off
SALE £1,199.99
Boasting a large 324 bottle capacity, the Infrico ZX3 Undercounter Bottle Cooler is ideal for commercial bars. With a clearly lit interior and glass fronted doors, this cooler is optimised for display purposes. The Infrico ZX3 offers easy maintenance with
SALE £1,099.99
Ideal for optimising space in your bar, the Infrico ZXS3 Bottle Cooler easily fits undercounter. This cooler has a 324 bottle capacity and offers internal illumination for display purposes. Ideal for commercial establishments, this Bottle Cooler offers ea
SALE £959.99
For a clear display, this 324 bottle capacity Infrico ZX10 Upright Bottle Cooler is ideal for placement behind your bar. Ideal for pubs and bars offering a selection of bottles, this cooler offers a clear illuminated display.
SALE £935.99
The Infrico ZXS10 Hinged Door Upright Bottle Cooler is ideal for placement in busy commercial bars. Offering a large 324 bottle capacity, this cooler features a glass fronted door and internal illumination for display purposes.
SALE £1,176.99
Designed for placement in busy commercial bars, the Infrico ZX20 Upright Bottle Cooler boasts a 492 bottle capacity. The glass fronted doors with internal illumination allow for clear viewing of contents for the benefit of both staff and customers. With f
SALE £1,238.99
With a 492 bottle capacity, the Infrico ZXS20 Hinged Door Upright Bottle Cooler is perfect for busy commercial bars that want to offer a variety of beverages. This upright cooler allows customers and staff to clearly see what's on display due to the glass
SALE £635.99
The ideal solution for busy commercial bars, the Infrico Front Bar Bottle Cooler lets you maximise your space and offer an efficient drinks service. This cooler has a 200 litre capacity for 180 bottles and the slide top design allows easy access to conten
SALE £839.99
The highly practical Infrico Front Bar Bottle Cooler offers a simple slide top door for fast and efficient drinks service in your bar. This means you won't have to disrupt your back bar display and you can maximise space with this 305 litre cooler.
SALE £917.99
Ideal for placement in commercial bars, the Infrico Front Bar Bottle Cooler offers a large 415 litre capacity to cater for the busiest nights of the year. The sliding top doors let staff quickly and easily serve bottles without having to spoil back bar di
SALE £779.99
The Infrico Front Bar Bottle Cooler is ideal for placement in commercial bars, offering a practical and stylish design in a stainless steel finish. The 200 litre capacity means this cooler will chill up to 180 bottles, ideal for a fast and convenient drin
SALE £1,115.99
The Infrico Front Bar Bottle Cooler is ideal for chilling beer bottles and alcopops, ready for a fast and convenient drinks service. As this cooler sits under the front bar, it reduces the time spent serving customers and lets you keep your back bar displ
SALE £1,295.99
The Front Bar Bottle Cooler from Infrico has been designed to cater for the needs of busy bars. When placed under the front bar, staff can quickly and efficiently serve customers bottled drinks without disrupting back bar displays and getting in each othe

Infrico Bottle Coolers

Infrico are the Spanish market leader in commercial refrigeration units. Ideal for your bar, pub, wine bar, restaurant or cafes, it's easy to optimise your bar display with our range of Infrico bottle coolers. Infrico glass fronted bottle coolers include undercounter bottle cooler and upright bottle cooler designs, ideal for the display of beer bottles and wine bottles.

To maximise your bar space, we offer a range of Infrico front bar coolers, also known as bottle dumps. These under counter bottle chillers fit under the front of your bar for quick and easy access to chilled bottles without the need to disturb your back bar display.

Our range of Infrico beer fridges and bottle fridges are all available with free UK delivery, making it easy to kit out your bar or restaurant.