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Final Touch
Jumbo Ice Tray
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Jumbo Ice Tray


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Jumbo Ice Tray
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Have you ever found youself, when entertaining guests, passing around glasses of G and T or Pimms at body temperature, marred by your clammy handprints? Then this jumbo ice cube tray is likely to be the answer to your sweaty prayers.

With room for 32 cubes and fashioned from easily-bendable silicone for ease of removal without having to resort to a blast from the hot tap, this practical, hygienic and near-unbreakable ice tray will solve your temperature problems at a stroke.

Delivery Timescale: 2 to 5 Days

This item can be delivered to the following zones:
Showroom Collection FREE
Standard Delivery £4.99
Next Day Express £6.99
Next Day Before Midday £9.99
Next Day Before 10:30am £17.99
Saturday Service £8.99
Scottish Highlands £13.99
Scottish Islands £13.99
Northern Ireland £13.99
Isle of Man £13.99
Isle of Wight & Offshore UK £13.99
Channel Islands £13.99
Austria £21.99
Belgium £17.99
Bulgaria £32.99
Croatia £27.99
Czechia £22.99
Denmark £22.99
Estonia £24.99
Finland £29.99
France £21.99
Germany £19.99
Greece £39.99
Hungary £19.99
Ireland / Eire (Republic) £14.99
Italy £24.99
Latvia £24.99
Lithuania £21.99
Luxembourg £19.99
The Netherlands £17.99
Poland £19.99
Portugal £24.99
Romania £31.99
Slovak Republic £22.99
Slovenia £21.99
Spain £21.99
Sweden £168.00
Iceland £49.99
Norway £32.99
South Africa £0.00

Drinkstuff Returns Policy:

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Faults/Damages must be reported within 3 working days

For full terms, see our Returns Policy

There is no further information for this product.

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Product Features:
• Blue silicone ice tray
• Makes 32 cubes
• Easy to remove cubes
• Easy to clean
• Practical and hygienic
• Great for home, parties and bars
• Dishwasher safe

Brand: Final Touch

Country of Origin: China

Manufacturer Part Number:
• ICT/32

• 5013313002451

Packaging Dimensions:
• 38 x 335 x 185mm, 0.2kg

Approximate Dimensions:
Tray: L 335mm W 185mm D 38mm
Ice Cubes: L 35mm W 28mm H 33mm

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Drinkstuff Returns Policy:

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Faults/Damages must be reported within 3 working days

For full terms, see our Returns Policy

There is no further information for this product.

There is no media for this product.
Customer Reviews
Great design, swift delivery
"Having tried many types of ice trays before this is flexible but stable with the supporting tray and more resilient than the hard plastic ones I bought previously that always broke from turning brittle from the freezer. Many thanks!"
Joelle - London, 28th April '21
Easy ice cubes - great design
"Every time my husband makes a drink he comments how great this ice cube tray is as it''s so easy to get them out. I love the supporting tray to support it when refilling it. We''d tried silicone trays before but the ice cubes were odd shaped and it was a fight to get them out. This one is simple and effective and holds plenty of ice cubes too."
Debbie - Edinburgh, 28th March '21
Great product
"The whole family love this ice cube tray. It is large, 32 good size cubes. Easy to empty, rests well on a plastic tray and we only need to fill once or twice a week. It is the best ice cube we have ever had. "
Brenda Corbett - Hampshire, 22nd October '20
Jumbo Ice Tray
"Having tried lots of different ice trays over the years this is the only one we have found where the ice cubes can actually be removed without partially defrosting. Brilliant product and a really good sized ice cube.
Ordering was effortless and delivery quick ahead of quoted time."
Martyn Tate - Wetherby, 2nd October '18
The best ice cube tray there is
"I bought a couple of these as a splurge for an important party, and I'm very glad I did. I love ice and tend to fly through so much of the stuff, I'd taken to buying the big bags from the supermarket on a regular basis. I've owned most types of ice cube tray over the years, and they all had big flaws one way or another, but not this. The tray holds a good big quantity of ice, not a stingy little 10 cubes, so doesn't need refilling too often, fits perfectly in my small home freezer, the super soft and squidgy wobbly ice cube tray, gives up the ice cubes super easily, no fighting or wrestling with it at all, just plop, plop, plop. The rigid plastic tray, the floppy ice mold sits inside, is a very good idea, and holds the mold perfectly, no spillage or flopping at all, and has the added bonus, that these stack perfectly on top of each other, without tumbling and falling into each other, that's impossible, these stack perfectly and super easy. We all love this little ice tray system to bits, everyone prefers it. No more wrestling to get the ice out, and no more cracking and breaking like plastic moulds tend to. I recommend this product highly, its the very best there is, get one, you'll definitely get good use from it."
Steve - Plymouth, Devon, 5th December '17
"These are really brilliant. Ordered them for my holiday lets.
Wanted guests to arrive to a sensible amount of ice cubes in a tray which doesn't break. Perfect size, easy to get ice cubes out and the supporting tray is an excellent idea. Can also be used for baby food portions, or put fruit portions into the ice"
Mrs Fawlty - Highlands, 12th July '17
Couldn't Have Asked For More
"I was hoping the ice cubes would be big, they are big. And there's lots of them. Perfect!"
Chris - Leeds, 1st November '14
"I ordered one years ago, and it's still the only ice tray you can really count on! A lot of cubes, pretty big, easy to remove. I haven't found anything better for the moment.
So happy with this one I've just got a new one!"
Julien - France, 31st March '14
5 stars
"Excellent product that allows the silicone tray to be supported by the plastic holder tray that you can fill up and carry to the freezer without spilling it.
The ice cubes simply pop out with very little pressure once frozen, which is half the battle over with.
Very good product and a must in any freezer."
Adrian - Yorkshire, 14th August '13
At Last!
"Finally, having tried a few other supposedly 'well designed' ice cube trays, all of which have failed (sometimes miserably) in one aspect or another, I came across these. I wish I'd found them sooner! Yes they are expensive, but what I've wasted on others probably accounts for one of these. The only criticism I have of them, and trust me it's a minor one, is that they're very large! I struggled to get them into my freezer drawers without spilling water, but that could also be a fault of having slightly shallower than normal freezer drawers? Overall a fantastic product. The ice cubes come out so easily, every time, without fail. Great service and promptly delivered. Highly recommended."
Keith - Essex, 29th May '13
Fantastic Purchase
"Spent a lot of money on drinking resources since starting university and this ice tray is one of my most favoured items from drinkstuff. This can make a lot of ice that is useful for ice buckets and the flexibility of the product makes it much easier to remove the ice without having to slam it against a table. I never really use the black tray it comes with but I guess it can be useful to some. 5 stars from me."
Liam - Mochdre, 19th May '13
Drinkstuff says: Many thanks for your review Liam. As a thank you we've added 5 points to your drinkstuff account, which is equivalent to £5 off your next order.
Jumbo Ice Tray
"Makes loads of ice - easy to get out - great idea to have soft rubber tray housed in hard plastic tray."
Ian G - West Yorkshire, 14th December '11
The Best Ice Cube Tray I've Ever Owned!
"At first I was slightly hesitant at paying £7.99 for an ice cube tray but I'm so glad I did. The silicone material is perfect. The ice cubes come out without any problems at all, saving me from buying ice cube bags or having to run hot water over the back of plastic trays just to have a chilled drink. I use this item almost daily. It takes about 2 hours to get a very solid tray. This isn't a problem if you are only providing ice for one or two people. The only problem I have is stopping other people taking my ice. ;-)
Thank you drinkstuff! I have never once regretted this fantastic item."
Daniel - Plymouth, 6th December '11
Drinkstuff says: Many thanks for your review Daniel. As a thank you we've added 5 points to your drinkstuff account, which is equivalent to £5 off your next order.
5 stars
"Very good service, fast delivery and a great tool, making ice cubes for your fave cocktails never been this easy."
Glenn - Belgium, 1st September '11
Great Tray
"This is a great tray, easy to remove cubes, easy to clean and looks like it will last a long time - big plus is the actual size of the cubes - they do tend to last longer than the actual drink ;-)"
Sheila - Hockley, Essex, 22nd January '11
Perfect For Baby Food
"I bought these as I am just starting to wean my baby. I researched ice cube trays and decided that these looked the best. They arrived very quickly. The price is very reasonable and the product is fantastic. The food is really easy to get out of the tray - no running it under warm water etc. The cube sizes are perfect. I would definitely advise that people buy this product for baby food."
Sarah Sowerby - Leeds, 22nd February '10
5 stars
"Although this does seem quite a lot to pay for an ice tray, the quality and convenience of it being silicon makes filling and using the ice cubes very convenient. Also the fact you can be sure to have a reasonably vast amount of cubes in the freezer at any given time means if you have any impromptu gatherings you know you're sorted for ice for a good amount of drinks. I would recommend this definitely."
David - Brighton, 14th November '09
Drinkstuff says: Thank you for your comments David. To show our appreciation, we have added 5 drinkstuff credits to your account equivalent to £5 off your next order.
"This ice cube tray is brilliant, but check the dimensions before you buy as it's quite big. The ice cubes are nice and large, and are easily removed by pushing up from underneath. No more bending a plastic tray and fighting to get the ice cubes out. If (like me) you get fed up of constantly refilling the standard ice cube tray that came with your freezer, then you need one of these."
Stuart - Dartmouth, 20th August '09
The best ice tray ever!!
"I ordered 2 of these after reading the excellent reviews. They are simply the best ice trays money can buy. Let's face it, no ice trays are exactly easy to fill, but these are certainly the easiest to get the cubes out of. No mess, no fuss, no hassle. If you are reading these reviews to try and justify the price, I can assure you that they are most definitely worth every penny. Drinkstuff also packaged them extremely well and delivered them much faster than I expected."
Mathew - UK, 9th July '09
Drinkstuff says: Thank you for your comments Mathew. To show our appreciation, we have added 5 drinkstuff credits to your account equivalent to £5 off your next order.
Best on Market
"This has to be the most brilliant ice cube tray to have ever hit the shelves. Bravo to the brains behind it! I have searched for similar items but nothing comes remotely close. Easy to use, no spills, no fuss to get them out and a decent sized cube for those hot humid days. On the bad side - there's no stock in Durban!!!"
Joanne Grey - Durban, South Africa, 27th February '09
lce cube trays
"No more smashing tray on kitchen units, they are so easy to get out. Can't believe how quick the delivery service is. There's some great stuff in here."
John Ogg - Edinburgh, 16th January '09
"This Jumbo Ice Tray is fantastic the fact that it is flexible means you never have to lose an ice cube again although i use mine for freezing herbs and garlic puree. I would recommend these to anyone."
Dave - South London, 21st April '08
"Fabulous product! After weeks of cursing at useless cheap icecube trays whilst making purees for my son decided to invest in some decent ones and so glad I did so. Can't recommend this product enough for baby weaning"
Liz - Surrey, 26th February '08
"This Ice cube tray is ideal for making your own baby food. Easy to pop the cubes out and with it being twice the size at least of standard ice cube trays you can freeze bigger batches of food in one go."
Clare - Cheshire, 25th January '07
"This ice cube tray is a must for any mum making her own baby puree/foods and freezing them. The extra large tray size means larger quantities of food can be frozen at once and the rubber makes it easy to release the cubes when frozen.

Elaine Godfrey - Isleworth, 21st September '06
"No more wait!!! With the jumbo ice tray i can not only satisfy my own but all my guests ice cube needs as well!! It has more than one use as my friends found out, why not freeze your favorite drink instead and make alcoholic ice cubes, or cola flavoured ones to munch on!!!"
Chris Parry - Manchester, 31st August '06
"The Jumbo Ice Trays are excellent - great for freezing baby food and so easy to pop the frozen cubes out again. Also great for doing bulk cooking,"
Louise Sugrue - London, 13th May '06
"this is the easiest cube maker off all time,wish i'd got it sooner"
shylck2000 - n ireland, 14th September '03