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Bubble Glassware

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With a wide, heavy base, the 28cl Bubble Old Fashioned Tumbler is perfect for a single measure spirit on the rocks. The thick base is good for stability and can withstand a muddler being used for mixing. Each tumbler is complete with the iconic Durobor tr More info
On Sale £17.99 RRP £19.99 | Save 10% Pack of 6 More options
In stock
For a unique alternative to a standard everyday tumbler glass, the Bubble Hiball Tumblers are the perfect answer. With its characteristic thick base with the trademark Durobor bubble, each glass offers a stylish and elegant way to serve soft drinks, cockt More info
On Sale £14.99 RRP £21.99 | Save 32% Set of 24 More options
In stock
With its wide base and sturdy design, the CE marked Bubble Beverage Pint Tumblers are the perfect glass for commercial environments that want to offer a stylish beverage service. The iconic Durobor bubble base is a stylish feature that separates this tumb More info
On Sale £22.99 RRP £24.99 | Save 8% Pack of 6 More options
In stock
With its thick base and iconic trademark Durobor bubble, the Bubble Beverage Tumblers are the perfect way to serve beverages from beer to soft drinks. Designed to stand out from standard glassware, the stylish Bubble tumblers offer a more elegant drinks s More info
On Sale £18.99 RRP £23.99 | Save 21% Set of 24 More options
In stock
With its iconic bubble base, the Bubble Beer Half Pint Tumblers offer a stylish way to serve beer or soft drinks. Each glass is CE marked at a half pint for use in commercial establishments, making them perfect for use in bars or restaurants. And for an a More info
On Sale £14.99 RRP £21.99 | Save 32% Pack of 6 More options
In stock
For an unconventional and unique way to serve champagne, the stemless Bubble Champagne Flutes are the perfect alternative. With a heavy, thick base the Bubble Flute design is more sturdy than stemmed glasses, while the fluted shaped maintains the elegance More info
On Sale £17.99 RRP £19.99 | Save 10% Set of 24 More options
In stock
With a wide, thick base, the 36cl Bubble Double Old Fashioned Tumblers are the perfect way to serve liqueur on the rocks, but is also ideal for serving table water and soft drinks. Made from Durobor glass, this range is sturdy and durable for everyday use More info
On Sale £19.99 RRP £21.99 | Save 9% Pack of 6 More options
In stock
The versatile, durable Bubble Hiball Tumbler is finished off with the trademark Durobor bubble set within the thick base. With a delicate, elegant finish, these hiball drinking glasses are a great way to serve beverages, soft drinks, mixers and table wate More info
On Sale £44.99 RRP £51.99 | Save 13%
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The Bubble Shooter Glasses are the non-conformist of shot glasses, standing out with a unique and distinctive design, with a stylish, thick base. The Bubble glassware stands out as a unique and distinctive range, with an iconic bubble featured in the base More info
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Bubble Glassware

Durobor® glassware include the iconic Durobor bubble base. The Durobor glasses range includes CE beer glasses, beer tumblers, beer glasses, high-ball tumblers and high-ball glasses, which would be ideal for using in bars, restaurants and pubs. The champagne glasses, champagne flutes, hiball glasses and highball tumblers are perfect for use at home and at dinner parties. Durobors range also includes shot glasses and shooter glasses with the Durobor base. The highball glasses and hiball tumblers are multi functional and can be used for a variety of different drinks. With a range of beer glassware including half pint tumblers, half pint glasses, pint tumblers and pint glasses you can be assured of serving the perfect pint. The Bubble glassware range includes stemless wine glasses, stemless wine goblets and stemless champagne flutes. You’ll find the Bubble Tumblers, Bubble Champagne Flutes, Bubble Champagne Glasses, Bubble Beer Tumblers, Bubble CE marked Beer Glasses, Bubble Hiball Tumblers, Bubble Highball Tumblers, Bubble Half Pint Tumblers, Bubble Half Pint CE Beer Glasses, Bubble Shot Glasses and Bubble Shooters. All glasses are available with fast UK delivery on our next day UK delivery service.