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Established in 1977
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Established in 1977
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Open Up Glassware

• Suited to Young Wines: 1-3 years for white wines, 1-5 years for red wines

• Extremely Fine Rim: 0.9mm, to ensure a pleasant wine tasting experience

• Rounded Upper Bowl: helps to concentrate aromas within the closed rim

• Angled Bowl: indicates the correct pour line of wine and helps to release molecules for a better development of the flavours of your wine when swirling

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From £32.99
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Designed for wine tasting, the Open Up Round Wine Glasses remove the need for decanting your wine before serving. The wide, angled 37cl bowl allows the wine to breathe, ensuring the bouquet, flavour and colour of your wine is optimised.
From £34.99
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With a unique angled bowl, the Open Up Universal Tasting Glasses offer truly professional glassware for wine tasting. The Kwarx advanced glass creates a highly resistant finish, ideal for frequent use. With a design that optimises flavours and aromas, thi
From £29.99
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Enhance the aromas of your wine with the Open Up Arabesque Universal Wine Tasting Glasses. With a design specifically for wine tasting, these durable Kwarx glasses feature shock resistance and sheer rim technology. A fine rim and wide, angled bowl allow y
From £31.99
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The Open Up Soft Wine Glasses eliminate the need to decant your wine before serving as they act as a mini decanter. The wide bowl of this 47cl glass lets your wine breathe, while the angled sides help oxidise your wine when pouring.
From £44.99
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With an extra wide bowl, the Open Up Arabesque Tannic Wine Glasses are ideal for letting wine breathe. Designed with tannic wines such as Merlot or Cabernet in mind, these wine tasting glasses enhance the flavours and aromas. Finished with a linear patter
From £49.99
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With a wide bowl, the Open Up Professional Blind Tasting Glasses include an angular design for optimum wine tasting. A unique shape offers improved oxygenation to release the full potential of aromas and flavours. The Kwarx advanced glass gives these wine
From £39.99
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With Effervescence Plus technology to retain extra bubbles, the Open Up Arabesque Champagne Flutes offer a premium option for serving champagne. With resistant Kwarx glass, these champagne glasses offer extra shock resistance. A stylish linear design bowl
From £49.99
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With a frosted stem, the Open Up Professional Tasting Glasses offer optimised wine tasting. A unique angled design improves the aromas and flavours of red or white wine. The perfect taster glass for your inner wine connoisseur, the Kwarx advanced glass gi

Open Up Glassware

Usually to let your wine oxidise, you’ll need to let it breathe in a decanter, but the Open Up glassware range acts as a decanter in a glass, letting it aerate when pouring straight into the glass. Made by Arcoroc glassware, these Open Up white wine glasses and Open Up red wine glasses are manufactured from Kwarx glass for a toughened glass finish. This range of wine tasting glasses includes the Open Up soft wine glasses and the Open Up round wine glasses, all available with fast UK delivery.