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Cutting Boards

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Many people believe that a bartender’s most used equipment is a shaker or a jigger, but in actual fact, a cutting board is more essential to bartending than you might realise.

A cutting board needs to provide specific functions to help you create delicious drinks, as well as ensuring you remain safe. Bar boards have special features that set them apart from standard chopping boards, allowing bartenders to make drinks even more efficiently.

Why Are Cutting Boards So Important In Bars?

Cleanliness is paramount in food and drink preparation, whether you’re making drinks professionally or at home. You want to ensure that you and your guests can enjoy the drinks you’ve prepared without any doubt that they’ve been made in a hygienic way. A cutting board is one of the ways you can achieve this level of cleanliness. The bar board’s surface allows you to put fruits and other ingredients on it to be cut, protecting your ingredients from any germs that the rest of your bar may hold. Cutting boards also protect your countertop from scratches and cuts.

Types Of Bartender Cutting Boards

We have three main types of bartender cutting boards available at Drinkstuff. These cutting boards come in wood, plastic or bamboo. Each has their own set of pros, such as being easy to maintain, lightweight and aesthetically-pleasing on your bar. A non-slip cutting board is a good option if you’re concerned about safety, while our stainless steel cutting board with a wood insert is both functional and stylish.