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How To Host A Zoom Halloween Party

With Halloween on its way, you may be wondering how to celebrate this holiday this year due to Covid-19 restrictions and things not being so normal. So how about hosting a zoom Halloween party which will allow you to celebrate with friends and family whilst sticking to the guidelines.

Zoom calls were a popular hobby during lockdown and the calls allowed you to spend quality time with others who you couldn't physically see. Zoom Halloween parties are the way to go this year and you can enjoy the day with as many friends and family as you like!

1. Invites

Create invitations for those you would like on your zoom party. Consider which friends you would like to invite and family too. Invites can be personally made by you and then sent in the post or they can be made online and then sent via email or Facebook etc.

Include important information on; what time the zoom party will start, if there is a spooky dress code and whether your guests need to bring anything to the call. Including this information will inform your friends and family what it exactly is they are doing in the call and why they should join.

2. Create a setup

You don’t want to have a boring, plain view of your living room or kitchen in the background of your zoom call. So, create a creepy backdrop! This can either be created at home from bits and pieces lying around the house or brought online.

It is super easy to create a DIY backdrop, you could use black paper or card and cut out some bats and spiders to stick on the wall. Don’t forget to carve your pumpkin and add a tealight candle to it, as a creepy background piece.

If you can’t get hold of a pumpkin, you could use orange balloons to portray pumpkins in the background.

You could even find an old grey bed sheet or towel, cut it up and make it seem like cobwebs and put this over your furniture which is seen in the background.

3. Create a Halloween costume

A costume for the zoom party is super important! You can’t show up in your regular clothing! Either invest into a new costume from a shop or online or create your own costume at home. Popular costume ideas are a witch, a crazy clown, Frankenstein, a vampire, a zombie or prisoner and the list goes on and on! But there is no right or wrong, you can go as whatever you want to be.

If you are wanting to create a DIY costume at home you can take an old white tee-shirt, cut it up and add some red paint. Why not become a pumpkin with an old orange jumper and cut out a pumpkin face on some black card to stick on!

You can make things much more fun by making the costumes a competition, so whoever has the best Halloween costume wins a prize.

4. Have plenty of food

You can’t have a party without any food!

A few snack ideas for you to include for your party are candy corn; a very popular Halloween sweet, Ghost shaped cookies; an easy snack to make, strawberries covered in white chocolate and chocolate chips to act as mini ghosts and black and orange macaroons.

There are many different Halloween snacks that you can create at home.

5. Halloween cocktails and drinks

Celebrate the occasion by creating a spectacular Halloween cocktail! It doesn’t have to be alcoholic; you can create mocktails too as long as they have a spooky theme.

Ways you can make your cocktail have this theme is with some cocktail shimmer, this could be for a witch’s spell. Test tubes are great for creating those molecular cocktails.

Add some pumpkin spice syrup to your drinks to give them that Halloween feeling.

The glass that your cocktail is served in can really make a difference, how about a skull cocktail bowl, or a cocktail fishbowl!

If you really wanted to take your Halloween party to the next level you could even create some cocktail packages with everything they'll need to make a signature cocktail! Simply package up some cocktail making tools, some syrups, mixers or purees, add some garnishes and your friends and family can all make the same drinks! 

6. Things to do and play

You’re going to need a few ideas for things to do whilst hosting this zoom party, you need to keep everyone entertained and have some fun!

You could create a Halloween trivia. Bring those quiz nights back from the lockdown period and host a quiz featuring Halloween elements for your friends and family.

This will allow everyone to interact with each other!

Tell some creepy ghost stories to the party and get those hearts racing, a perfect way to celebrate Halloween.

Play some Halloween themed games, remember these need to be games that can be played from separate households.

A few suggestions are Halloween charades; act out a Halloween themed character for others to guess!

Candy corn bingo is another great game, all you will need to do is create a bingo sheet and send it to all the players either online or by post. Then make sure everyone has candy corn as this is what you will be using as markers.

How about a mummy relay race? All that’s required is a loo-roll per household and the fastest person to get mummified wins!

Lastly, we have bobbing for doughnuts. To play this, every household will need string and some delicious doughnuts. Hang the doughnuts from the ceiling and the quickest person to eat them all wins.

And there we have it!  That is how to host the best Halloween zoom party. By having a Halloween zoom party, you are staying safe in your own household whilst having fun with who you want. You can have up to 100 participants by hosting a zoom party!

So have fun and enjoy this years Halloween!