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Blackberry Ombre Sparkler Cocktail Recipe

How To Make A Blackberry Ombre Sparkler Perfect for festive celebrations and Christmas parties! Ingredients Champagne 50g of Blackberries 50ml of Water Sprig of Rosemary and Blackberries, for garnish Method: In a small saucepan, add blackberries, sugar, and water. Bring to a boil on high heat, and then reduce to a simmer and cook for approximately 15-17 minutes. When the liquid becomes a pink / purple syrup, it is ready Remove from the heat and drain the blackberries. With the syrup in a separate bowl, set aside and allow to cool Once cooled, add a Tbsp of this Blackberry Syrup mixture to a Champagne Flute Top up with Champagne and an ombre effect should appear. Pour the Champagne over the reverse of a Bar Spoon to layer the cocktail and to ensure they do not mix together Garnish with a couple of Blackberries and a Sprig of Rosemary