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Nick & Nora Glass - What is it and When would you use them?

What is a Nick & Nora Glass?

A Nick & Nora Glass is a smaller Coupe or Martini Glass.


What is the Nick and Nora Glass Size?

Typically around 5-6oz in Size or 150-170ml. Whereas a Coupe Glass is usually slightly bigger at around 7-10oz and 200-290ml.


Why Would you use a Nick & Nora Glass?

A Nick & Nora glass is perfectly suited to smaller, booze-forward, Ice-free Cocktails and Drinks such as Martini's and Manhattans. In the Rum world, many Bartenders will always serve their Daiquiri in a Nick & Nora Glass. The smaller size of a Nick & Nora Glass is perfect for these kinds of Cocktails that don't have much volume. These Cocktails a meant to be drunk icey Cold. So the worst thing you can do is put them in a larger glass and give them time to warm up!

Most Daiquiris will only be 90-110ml of Liquid before Shaking. A Martini may only be 70ml before Stirring. So a larger Martini or Coupe glass is inappropriate as you'd either half-fill it or have to bulk up recipes which will cost more money. 



Why is a Nick & Nora Glass called that?

Although its history predates this, bartender Dale DeGroff, famous for bringing the Cosmopolitan to life, started using them properly in the 1980s when he was creating a Bar Program for the Rainbow Room in New York using pre-Prohibition recipes which were served up in "Little Martini" Glasses. Dale DeGroff asked his Glass Supplier for Glasses similar to what was used in the "Thin Man films" where the 2 Detectives, Nick & Nora Charles, would serve their Martinis in small Martini Glasses. Eventually, the name stuck and the glasses slowly became more popular.

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