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Cut your Costs Not Your Fruit

Moving towards a more sustainable working environment in the Bar world, means a big transition to Dried or Dehydrated fruit.

In our Dried Fruit range from Frona here at Drinkstuff, we already have your standard Dehydrated Lemons, Dehydrated Limes, Oranges, Pineapple and Apples.

But along side our new Dried Passion Fruit launch, we can now also bring you Dried Raspberries and Dried Blueberries.

We think these new Dehydrated Berries will be fantastic for Cocktails and even drinks like the humble Gin and Tonic.


The huge thing that Dehydrated Fruit can do for you is save you money!

If you're the type of venue that slices a lot of Fruit pre Shift for Garnishing, then Dried Fruit can save you man hours which is great.

But actually, just think of the Wastage and Storage space in the fridge that you'll save. No more throwing away half a punnet of Berries that have gone mouldy. No more running out if you've got a spare packet of Dehydrated Fruit sitting in the store room.

For a more in-depth look at how Dehydrated Fruit caan save you money, read this Blog Post



There is also another thing with this too. Appearance.

Look, we're not going to try to tell you that a Dehydrated Fruit looks better than Fresh, although we know some people will have that view. But the import thing is that they still do look great. Especially when nicely nestled on a silky white foam, because these Dehydrated Berries are lighter, they just set cocktails off a treat!