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How to take advantage of the new Coffee & Tonic Trend

Do you own a coffee shop, pub, bar, or small business? Are you looking to give your customers something new and exciting?

With the recent rise of Coffee Cocktails, and especially the new “Coffee & Tonic” trend, where fresh, or cold-brewed coffee meets classic Tonic for an energising and unique drink, your venue can easily jump on board and not lose out on great income opportunities!

Not only is Coffee & Tonic incredibly popular with both independent café owners and commercial businesses alike, but it makes for an easy way to increase customer traffic.

With its growth in popularity, comes innovative recipes utilising key flavours like “amplified citrus” as Jess from Monin UK puts it. Syrups such as Blood Orange or Yuzu along with alcoholic options like Tequila. Coffee & Tonic is just a simple easy to make 2 ingredients “Cocktail”. Adding a simple flavour and/or Spirit of choice just adds to the excitement.

Could a “Blood Orange Tequila Coffee Tonic” become the new grown-up version of Vodka Red Bull for Coffee Lovers and Discerning drinkers alike?!

Here at Drinkstuff, we have you covered with flavours such as Blood Orange and Yuzu which are perfect for creating your own Coffee & Tonic drinks.

The other bombshell we can help you with is that you don’t even need a Coffee Machine to make these drinks. We sell Monin’s Cold Brew Coffee Syrup which is a great alternative to a Coffee Machine. Will it replace fresh Espresso for your Coffee? No. But, it is a fantastic ingredient for these kinds of drinks.



Jess Munro's "Blood Orange, Tequila, Coffee and Tonic Recipe"

Blood Orange Tequila Coffee & Tonic