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Passion Fruit Christmas Cocktails - Thats NOT a Martini

In this Blog, We'll give you 3 Passion Fruits you can make for Christmas, and NONE of them are a Passion Fruit Martini.

Passion Fruit is one of the UKs favourite flavours. Here at Drinkstuff Passion Fruit Puree is certainly always our Top Selling flavour Puree of Syrup. Okay a lot of that is down to the Pornstar Martini (or Passion Fruit Martini). But that also means that many Bars have Passion Fruit on hand to create other Cocktails or Drinks. Many people do associate passion Fruit with Summer Cocktails. But we want to show you that you can also create some delicious Winter Cocktails, or even Passion Frit Cocktails for Christmas.


So again, Steve has done what he best: take on old favourite Cocktails and give them a little riff!



Passion Fruit Snowball


Passion Fruit Christmas Mojito



Passion Fruit Spritz